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Premium Select

The Premium Select line has evolved from a single product formulated to overcome the fuel deficiencies common during World War II.

As middle distillate fuel quality continues to fluctuate, emissions standards increase and OEM design parameters tighten, fuel additizing remains necessary. Furthermore, we have products that are effective in bio-diesel B100. Besides being the name for Primrose's family of premium fuel treatment products, Premium Select is also the name of Primrose's support program for fuel marketers.


Increases Fuel Economy

Adds Lubricity - Reduces Wear

Reduces Emissions

Detergency - Deposit Control

Cetane Improvement by use of Xtreme Torque®

Wax Modification - Anti-Gel

Water Dispersancy - No Freeze Up by use of Ice CheckTM

Acid Neutralization

Fuel Stabilization - Improves Storage

Bio Organisms - Control / Elimination

Prevents Rust / Corrosion

Increases Performance and Power

Asphaltene Dissolution and Dispersion

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