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The advent of the chemical synthesis of petroleum oils has ushered in a new age in lubrication technology.

New advances in controlling friction, preventative maintenance, and the management of industrial operational costs are a result of specially engineered synthetic lubricants.

Syn-O-Gen wholly engineered synthetic lubricants have been specifically designed for the extra heavy duty applications found in industry where operational conditions outstrip the capabilities of conventional petroleum based oils and greases.

Although synthetic, Syn-O-Gen Lubricants are chemically synthesized from petroleum feedstocks. The big difference between Syn-O-Gen and conventional petroleum or mineral oil-based lubricants is that Syn-O-Gen is chemically engineered from specific hydrocarbon molecules. Put together much like building blocks, certain simple hydrocarbons are bonded to obtain a unique complex hydrocarbon with specific and predictable properties.

In addition, Syn-O-Gen provides several principal advantages over both natural petroleum lubricants and other synthetic lubricants:


Reduction of wear due to superior viscosity-temperature properties and shear stability.

Elimination of sludge and deposit formations with unsurpassed high-temperature oxidation and thermal stability.

Outstanding cold weather performance and low temperature fluidity.

Greatly extended service intervals due to superior base stock and additive synergism.

Decreased lubricant consumption due to low volatility.

Reduced power and energy consumption attributable to greatly reduced coefficients of friction.

Address environmental issues thru conservation.

Superior high temperature performance and resistance to thinning.

Reduced used lubricant disposal.

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