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Product Types
Primrose products can be separated into seven categories.
Engine Oils

We offer 100% PAO synthetic oils, synthetic blend oils and de-waxed, solvent washed and hydro processed mineral base engine oils. Read More...

Torque, Hydraulic, ATF, Tractor

We offer super hi-performance tractor/torque fluids with both mineral and synthetic blend base oils in mono-grade and multi-grade for a multitude of construction and agricultural machinery. Read More...

Industrial Oil

We produce machine and way oils that are non-drip and friction modified to eliminate stick slip chatter. Read More...

Primrose Grease

We make a variety of greases using non-melt organo-clay thickeners, lithium-complex thickeners and aluminum complex thickeners. Read More...

Primrose Gear Lubricants

State of the art base oils and superior additive packages, including our famous and demonstrable adhesive/cohesive component, prevent dry starts, reduce wear and lower operating temperatures. Read More...

Fuel Treatments

We produce complete premium diesel packages in addition to products designed to address specific fuel deficiencies in ULSD and B100 bio diesel. Read More...

Specialty Products
We produce a number of unique and thought-provoking products designed to help save time, money and aggravation. Read More... 
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