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Grease is just grease, right? Not at Primrose Oil Company. We take our grease seriously.

 Benefits of Primrose Greases:

*Heat Resistant:  Resists oil separation & thickener melting

*Multi-Purpose Products:  Reduces inventory, minimizes errors

*Water Proof Resists washout and spray-off

*Adhesion:  Won't sling off or pound-out

*Long Life:  Reduces greasing time and grease consumption

*Acid & Corrosion Resistant:  Performs in harsh environments

*Wide Operating Range:  Extreme cold to extreme hot environments

*Creates Shields Against Contamination:  Shuts out dust and dirt

*Reduced Wear:  Protects capital investment, maximizes production

*Extreme Pressure:  Engineered for heavy loads

*Cooling/Reduced Operating Temperatures:  Runs cooler, runs longer

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