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Fuel Treatment

We produce complete premium diesel packages in addition to products designed to address specific fuel deficiencies including ULSD and B100.

Our fuel treatment products correct such deficiencies as poor storage stability, low cetane, inadequate cold temperature handling and filterability, microorganism infestation, insufficient detergency or lubricity and water contamination. We have products for diesel fuel, bunker fuel, home-heating oil, ULSD, B100 and gasoline. We offer products that will de-wax or de-ice, we have a tetraethyl lead substitute for older off-road gasoline engines and even a unique and exclusive lubricity agent made from a blend of three renewable agricultural products.

For fuel distributors/jobbers, a tried and true marketing plan combined with worry-free products make an unbeatable program. Let us share our sixty-plus years of fuel treatment experience with you.


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