Biodiesel Filter Clogging 

 Biodiesel is composed of many components.  For example, here is the typical makeup of B100 canola oil:

Methyl Esters,            % mass 97.5

Free Glycerin,            % mass 0.001

Total Glycerol,           % mass 0.165

Monoglycerides,         % mass 0.575

Diglycerides,               % mass 0.095

Triglycerides,             % mass 0.010

Methanol Content,    % mass 0.110


The key components that are going to be discussed here are monoglycerides.  Monoglycerides are partially converted fats and oils that are accounted for as part of the total glycerin. In canola oil, monoglycerides make up just about 1/2 %.  Monoglycerides that are formed from different feedstocks, like palm or tallow, will have different properties.  The one thing monoglycerides have in common with one another, even in different feedstocks is that they clog diesel fuel filters.


Monoglyceride Filter Clogging


Filter Clogging

  They will appear on the filter as a waxy, thick coating.  If you suspect this has occurred with your fuel filter in the past, is occurring with your fuel filter or you just want to prevent this from happening, use one of Primrose's exclusive Klenz ID additives.


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