No. 5757 Diesel Winter Treatment


Keeping your diesel truck moving during the colder months can be problematic if the right precautions are not taken. Fuel needs to continuously flow to your engine’s cylinders. Cold weather causes fuel to gel and filters to ice-up at a moment’s notice. Some people use a 50/50 mix of No. 1 to No. 2 in order to save money, since straight No. 1 fuel is not normally needed. There are better ways to save money that include utilizing a flow improver with anti-icing additive.


Below is a breakdown of the cost comparison of Winter Klenz ID No. 5757, which utilizes flow improver and anti-icing additives, treated fuel vs. a 50/50 mix of No. 1 and No. 2 fuel: Cost Savings Analysis Treated Fuel vs. NonTreated Fuel

As you can see from the Cost Savings Analysis Chart, on 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, an average savings of $255 dollars can be gained by utilizing Winter Klenz ID No. 5757’s cold flow improver and anti-icing additives in diesel fuel.


Now, you might ask, does No. 5757 compare to a 50/50 mix of No. 1: No. 2 fuel?


Well, here is a chart showing how you can use Power Klenz ID No. 5757 at 1:1000 in No. 2 fuel and not have to use No. 1 at all. The results speak for themselves and are the same or better in both categories:

No. 5757 Cold Weather Enhancement of Cold Flow and Anti-IcingNote: Tested by a Third Party Independent Laboratory


With today’s ULSD it is a complicated task that not only deals with the gelling and icing of ULSD. Some other issues that take their toll on fuel during the cold months having to deal with ULSD include asphaltenes, monoglyceride contamination from Biodiesel, and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID). Asphaltenes and monoglycerides prematurely clog fuel filters, and contribute to IDID and other problems. IDID can form from other causes as well.


You need to use an additive that will keep your fuel flowing due to icing and gelling problems, asphaltene, monoglyceride contamination and IDID issues. So, use, Primrose’s exclusive, No. 5757 to combat these problems and your cold weather dilemma; a complete solution to cold weather fuel needs.


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