“Summerizing” Diesel Fuel


You’ve given a lot of thought on how to extend the life of your diesel engine and fuel injectors. While there are different options out there, which one makes sense for you? How about one that actually pays for itself, and more?


Primrose’s Power Klenz ID No. 5007 is the key ingredient to your solution. No. 5007 will clean the entire fuel system, dissolve and disperse asphaltenes, reduce injector system maintenance, clean/maintain fuel spray pattern, quickly clean/prevent internal diesel injector deposits (IDID), extend filter life, extend engine life, and the key to getting all these features is that No. 5007 will increase/maintain fuel economy and pay for itself.


Power Klenz ID 5007 will typically produce around a 3% increase or more of a fuel mileage gain vs. not using an additive at all. This equates to the fuel mileage gain “paying for” the Power Klenz ID 5007 additive. See chart below that breaks it all down:

Cost Savings Analysis 50071

Here is a step-by-step breakdown crunching all the numbers:

Cost Savings Analysis 5007 Flow Chart 1

Now, wouldn’t you like to fulfill your desire to extend your diesel fuel injectors and engine life? All you need to do is to start by purchasing Primrose’s exclusive Power Klenz ID 5007; a complete solution to your fuel needs.

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