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Power Blend

Power Blend (PB) 2001 is a Premium Select ™ premium diesel additive (PDA) which imparts high performance qualities to diesel fuel. PB 2001 provides “Premium Diesel” qualities to standard diesel fuels in terms of detergency, stability and lubricity.


PB 2001 contains the following additives:


Lubricity Agents


Rust Inhibitors


Corrosion Inhibitors


Metal Deactivators

Performance Characteristics:

Detergency – PB 2001 reduces injector nozzle coking as demonstrated in the Cummins L-10 125-Hour Injector Depositing Test, when used at the appropriate recommended treat rate.

Stability – Fuel can also be treated with PB 2001 to pass the ASTM D-6468 Thermal Stability Test as well as the other commonly used storage stability tests.

Lubricity – PB 2001 improves lubricity of diesel fuels in both the BOCLE Test and the HFRR Test, which is a critical factor with low-sulfur No. 2 and especially with kerosene-blended fuels.

Rust and Corrosion Protection – Prevents all types of rust and corrosion in fuel lines, strainers, pumps and injectors.


Maintains fuel spray pattern

Reduces combustion noise

Cuts emissions and black smoke

Maintains peak fuel economy

Reduces injector system maintenance

Extends engine life

Extends fuel storage life

PB 2001 is an extremely versatile product that can be used in a wide range of effective treatment ratios from an economical 1:3000 to 1:750 for maximum performance benefits or for non-responsive or poor quality diesel fuels.

PB 2001 is recommended for low sulfur and ultra low sulfur S-15 diesel fuel. Use at 1:1500 for enhanced L-10 performance in suitable diesel fuels and optimal overall performance in most applications including lubricity in kerosene. Treat rates as low as 1:3000 may be used to provide significant enhancement of all properties in responsive fuels. Treat rates as high as 1:750 may be used for maximum performance enhancements or to achieve specific target criteria in certain fuels.

The sulfur content of this diesel fuel additive does not exceed 15 ppm. This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and nonroad engines.

PB 2001 is recommended for use at 1:1500 in biodiesel blends B1 through B10. Use at 1:1200 in B11 through B20.
Typical Specifications:


Amber Liquid

Viscosity, cs @ 40° C


Flash Point, °F


Density (#/gal)

7 – 7.5

Pour Point, °F max.

- 45


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