Do You Have Humbugs?


*  "Humbugs" is short for Hydrocarbon Utilizing Microorganism.

*  There are over 100 known varieties of Humbugs, including bacterium and fungi that eat diesel fuel (petro & bio), heating/fuel oil and even engine oil.

*  Water is their oxygen source or air supply and they can be found at the water oil interface.

*  Their by-products are additional water and corrosive organic acids.

*  Damage from Humbugs can be significant, extensive and expensive.

*  Contaminated fuel may have to be disposed of if left untreated.

*  Frequent filter clogging can be an indicator of an active colony.

*  The presence of black, brown or green slime is a good indicator of infection and is sometimes called "algae", but is more commonly known as Humbugs.

*  A "rotten eggs" smell is also a good indicator.

*  Middle distillate fuel has low vapor pressure, making it vulnerable to condensation, making it a great habitat for humbugs.


Do you have Humbugs? Use our detection kit, No. 905 to find out. It will tell you if you have Yeast or Bacteria (Humbugs):



 Check for Bacteria (Humbugs) with our No. 905 Kit



 Check for Yeast with our No. 905 Kit



 If the test is positive for bacteria (Humbugs)/yeast or you want to prevent them, use Microbicide MP8.


Microbicide MP8 is available in:


*  15-16 oz Twin Neck Bottles

*  5 Gallon Container

*  55 Gallon Drum


Note: All containers must ship via Common Carrier.



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